Help Me!.... with the new website

As you can see, to enable SOBOM to run efficiently and allow our members to take control and utilise their membership we have implemented a new membership management system. Below are a few helpful tips and hints to help you navigate through the new site.

Buying & Renewing Membership

1) Membership opens from May 1st each year and runs for one calendar year.
2) The membership levels have changed slightly offering more flexibility for the future of our members.
3) All new memberships and renewals will be done online, for a new membership, click on JOIN US and follow the procedure, ensuring you select the correct membership level.
4) All memberships will be on automatic renewal on annual basis. (you will receive an email two weeks prior to renewal should you wish to change your membership level or cancel your membership).
5) When paying by BACS, your membership will not be active until the finds have been received by SOBOM.
6) All members will now receive a membership pack and membership cards which will give you, as a member access to unique industry discounts across the UK.
7) Once registered you will have an online account where you can monitor  payments, edit event attendance, change food choices and access all member content including the member directory and discounts page.

- Bundle Memberships

1) Bundle Memberships are where one individual creates the account (Ops manager, PA etc) and adds members to the membership.
2) We have two types of Bundle Membership, they are Corporate 12 and Corporate 6.
3) Once you have created and paid for your membership, you can login to the website and add your members. These members will then receive emails RE offers, Jobs, Events and much more.
4) To do this simply login with your username and password and click on view profile, from there you can go into your profile and 'Add Member'. You can change these details at any point should a member of staff leave your organisation.

Booking An Event

1) You must have an active membership to book an event.
2) You can only book the number of places per membership, i.e. Corporate Membership 12 - 12 places, Individual - 1 Place.
3) If you are paying by BACS by selecting the Invoice Me option, funds must be received into the SOBOM bank account for your places to be confirmed. Your places will however be reserved up until 2 weeks before the event, at which point if funds have not been received, the places will be released back onto general sale.
4) You will receive a confirmation of booking once all is confirmed.

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